springs, springing, sprang, sprung
1) N-VAR Spring is the season between winter and summer when the weather becomes warmer and plants start to grow again.

The Labor government of Western Australia has an election due next spring...

We met again in the spring of 1977.

2) N-COUNT A spring is a spiral of wire which returns to its original shape after it is pressed or pulled.

Unfortunately, as a standard mattress wears, the springs soften and so do not support your spine...

Both springs in the fuel pump were broken.

3) N-COUNT: usu pl A spring is a place where water comes up through the ground. It is also the water that comes from that place.

To the north are the hot springs of Banyas de Sant Loan.

4) VERB When a person or animal springs, they jump upwards or forwards suddenly or quickly.

[V prep] He sprang to his feet, grabbing his keys off the coffee table...

[V prep] Outside each door a guard sprang to attention as they approached...

[V prep] Throwing back the sheet, he sprang from the bed.

The lion roared once and sprang.

5) VERB If something springs in a particular direction, it moves suddenly and quickly.

[V adj] Sadly when the lid of the boot sprang open, it was empty.

6) VERB If things or people spring into action or spring to life, they suddenly start being active or suddenly come into existence.

[V prep] When she contacted me at the beginning of August to enlist support, Sharon and I sprang into action.

[V prep] ...new industries which had sprung into life during the 1920s.

7) VERB If one thing springs from another thing, it is the result of it.

[V from n] Ethiopia's art springs from her early Christian as well as her Muslim heritage...

[V from n] His anger sprang from his suffering at the loss of the most important love he had ever known in his life.

8) VERB If a boat or container springs a leak, water or some other liquid starts coming in or out through a crack.

[V n] The yacht has sprung a leak in the hull.

9) VERB If you spring some news or a surprise on someone, you tell them something that they did not expect to hear, without warning them.

[V n] The two superpower leaders sprang a surprise at a ceremony in the White House yesterday by signing a trade deal...

[V n on n] Mclaren sprang a new idea on him.

10) spring to mindsee mind
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